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angels to beckon me.

♔ a ruler in archer’s clothing.

Blonde tufts trailed down her back as the young saint sat up in the bed, eyes drooping tiredly as she covered her mouth in a yawn. Initially the surrounding felt unhomely, the different environment still strange to her as her view came into focus. Whatever the case was, she had found no reason to be upset with this move that they conferred upon her. The results between the change, however, not so much.

An over sized shirt sat upon her shoulders, belonging to the other inhabitant of this room. Along the way her clothing had found themselves attracted to mishaps, a few tears and dust — hardly suitable to keep on. To ask permission for use of the attire that had been left out would have been ideal if not for the fact he was nowhere to be found. Concluding it was best to be clean than dirty, she had slid the garment on as if it were a temporary chemise.

Her plan had been to wait for the other Servant (or perhaps the roommates) to appear to ask for help in cleaning her outfits had resulted in her drifting to sleep. Machinery was not the issue, but the quantity of the items she needed to apply was beyond her. Unsure of how much time had passed while napping, she slid out from under the sheets to see if anyone was around. As the door had opened for her to wander out, there was another obstacle in her way. Eyes fluttered quickly as she stepped back, looking up to see who or what it was she had made contact with.


A quick moment was all it took before realizing who it was. Emiya?

One arm lifted to rub away the daze from her sight, the black sleeve that belonged to his shirt hanging loosely from her slender limb. And, as if forgetting the current outfit that she had on, she gave a bewildered look at his own lack of apparel.

… why is it that you are wandering the apartment with only trousers?

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